Hand Crafted & Lovingly Finished

Brushing the finish

Every piece of bedroom furniture we create is handmade and hand-finished by artisans who are devoted to their craft. High quality workmanship is one of our guiding principles, allowing us to create unique, stunning beds.

Our eye for the unusual and dedication to perfection set us apart when we first started, and continue to help us create bedrooms that are opulent, luxurious and indulgent.


Our beds and bedroom furniture are created using traditional methods by some of the world's most skilled craftsman. We source the finest materials from around the world, then our craftsmen and women use time-honoured methods, often handed down from generation to generation, to create our magnificent bedroom furniture.


The Devil in the Detail

With an unwavering eye for detail, we know when and where to add the finishing touches. It's what takes our furniture from functional to fabulous. Every element is considered and designed to create a piece of furniture that is greater than the sum of its parts, and of course created by-hand with staggering skill and care. 

all in the detail

Left: The Grand Versailles cyrstallised fleur de lys is studded with Swarovski cyrstals. Each individual crystal is placed and glued by hand. Centre: The proportions of the spiral and depth of the carving at the ends of our Manoir Sleigh bed prove how hand-carving cannot be matched by machine. Right: The delicate lines of the Juliet Caned mushroom finial.

All of the above is a taste of the skill and craftsmanship behind our wonderful pieces of furniture, and we hope you can browse our offering in the knowledge that every care has been taken to bring you bedrooms of the highest quality.

And So To Bed