Complete Bed Mattress Size Guide UK

Your Complete Guide To Bed and Mattress Sizes UK

If you’re looking for a new bed or mattress, it’s important to understand the variety of UK bed and mattress sizes and dimensions available to you.

From a standard single to a large emperor, we’ve outlined the specific dimensions of each size and offered our expert advice on who each bed is perfect for, along with our top bed frame recommendation. We’ve also included a comparison between UK, Euro, and USA sizes to make things even easier for you when choosing your perfect frame.

To help you understand all there is to know about bed sizes, we will cover:

  • UK bed and mattress size comparison chart

  • Standard bed and mattres sizes UK

  • The most popular bed and mattress size in the UK

  • Measuring a bedframe for a mattress

  • UK vs Euro vs USA bed and mattress size comparison chart

  • What bed size is best for me? 

UK Bed and Mattress Size Comparison Chart



Long Single

Small Double



Small Super King

Super King


Large Emperor

Dimensions W x L (cm)

90 x 190cm

90 x 200cm

120 x 190cm

135 x 190cm

150 x 200cm

167 x 200cm

180  /  182 x 200cm

202 x 200cm

217 x 215cm

Dimensions W x L (feet)

3'0" x 6'3"

3'0" x 6'6"

4'0" x 6'3"

4'6" x 6'3"

5'0" x 6'6"

5'6" x 6'6"

6'0" x 6'6"

6'6" x 6'6"

7'0" x 7'0"

Standard Bed and Mattress Sizes UK

Single bed and mattress size (90 cm x 190 cm)

The standard size of a single bed is 90cm x 190cm or 3ft wide and 6ft 3 inches long, which is the smallest standard size we offer. Additional flexibility can be achieved with a long single bed or two long single zip and link beds which can be joined together as and when you need it.

Perfect for: Children’s bedrooms, guest and spare rooms with limited space where you want comfort but don’t want to take up too much space in the room.

We recommend: The Vispring Elite Mattress and Divan Set provides blissful comfort for single sleepers who appreciate a luxurious feel. 

Single Mattress Size Illustration

Double bed and mattress size (135 cm x 190 cm)

The standard size of a double bed is 135cm x 190cm, or 4ft 6ins wide and 6ft 3ins long.

Perfect for: Teenagers and those with limited space in their bedroom. A double bed has the benefit of giving you extra space to sleep. You can even enhance and maximise the space of your bed by choosing an Ottoman storage bed.

We recommend: Our Emilia Ottoman bed from our own And So To Bed range allows you a great deal of storage space (up to 23 cm in storage height).

Double Mattress Size Illustration

King bed and mattress size dimensions (150 cm x 200 cm)

The standard size of a king bed is 150cm x 200cm, or 5ft wide and 6ft 6in long.

Perfect for: King size beds and mattresses are popular with couples and adults and ideal for taller individuals who want to utilise the greater space in their room. It’s important to note that there is a jump in size from a double bed; it is 11% wider and 5% longer. 

We recommend: The Vispring Herald Superb Mattress & Divan Set, guaranteed to give you the best sleep at the end of your day.

King Mattress Size Illustration

Small super king bed and mattress size (167 cm x 200 cm)

The standard size of a small super king is 167 cm x 200 cm, or 5ft 6in wide and 6ft 6in long.

Perfect for: Those who don’t have the space for a super king but want to expand beyond a king size bed.

We recommend: The exquisite Louis XV Caned Bed, available in small super king size. Please note the frame is slightly oversized due to the intricate wooden side rails. For a more minimal finish, opt for the Vispring Regal Superb Mattress & Divan Set with the divan sitting flush with the mattress to save space. 

Small Super King Mattress Illustration

Super king bed and mattress size (180 / 182 cm x 200 cm)

The standard size of a super king bed is 180 / 182cm x 200 cm, or 6ft wide and 6ft 6in long.

Perfect for: Super king beds are perfect for master bedrooms as the extra width creates an additional foot of sleeping surface for couples.

We recommend:  The Boston Bed is great if you are looking to allow extra floor space. If you are after a divan bed and mattress set, Vispring Kingsbridge Mattress & Divan Set, with its double pocket spring system, provides comfort and style in your bedroom. 

Super King Mattress Size Illustration

Emperor bed and mattress size (200 / 202 cm x 200 cm)

The standard size of an emperor bed is 200 / 202cm x 200cm, or 6ft 6in wide and 6ft 6in long.

Perfect for: Those who have a lot of space to utilise and want their bed to be a statement piece. Ideal for Sunday sleep-ins for a big family.

We recommend: If you are looking for a divan and mattress set, the Vispring Sublime Superb Mattress & Divan Set is ideal, providing you comfort and style simultaneously.

Emperor Mattress Size Illustration

Large emperor bed and mattress size (217 cm x 215 cm)

The standard size of a large emperor mattress and divan set is 217cm x 215cm, or 7ft long and 7ft wide bed. We are one of the only retailers in the UK to offer a large emperor bed frame and mattress.

Perfect for: If you want to create impact, a large emperor bed will do just that. Similar to those who choose an emperor bed, this is also great for large families and luxurious & grandeur bedrooms.

We recommend: For a superior regal feel, the Versailles Leafed Upholstered Bed or Georgian Four Poster Bed are perfect statement pieces for your bedroom.

Large Emperor Mattress Size Illustration

UK vs Euro vs USA Bed and Mattress Size Comparison Chart

Dimensions W x L (cm)


Long Single

Small Double




90 x 190cm
(3’0’’ x 6’3’’)

90 x 200cm
(3’0’’ x 6’6’’)

120cm x 190cm
(4’0’’x 6’3’’)

135 x 190cm
(4’6’’ x 6’3’’)



90 x 200cm
(3’0” x 6’6”)


120 x 200cm
(4’0” x 6’6”)

140 x 200cm
(4’7” x 6’6”)



98 x 189cm
(3’2” x 6’2”)



136 x 189cm
(4’5” x 6’2”)

152 x 202cm
(5’0” x 6’6”)

Dimensions W x L (cm)


Small Super King

Super King



Large Emperor


150 x 200cm
(5’0’’ x 6’6’’) 

167 x 200cm
(5’6’’ x 6’6’’)

180 /  182 x 200cm

(6’0’’ x 6’6’’)


200 / 202 x 200cm 6ft
(6’6’’ x 6’6’’)

217 x 215cm
(7’0” x 7’0”)


160 x 200cm
(5’3” x 6’6”)


180 x 200cm

(6’0” x 6’6”)





193 x 202cm
(6’3” x 6’6”)



183 x 212cm
(6’0” x 7’0”) 



What is the most popular bed and mattress sizes in the UK?

Across the UK, we find that many customers favour super king size mattresses and beds.

In metropolitan and urban areas, we find customers tend to prefer the slightly smaller king size to make better use of space, though super king size bed frames are still very popular.

How to measure a bed frame for a mattress

Measure the length and width of the bed base where the mattress sits, do not base measurements on the external frame dimensions. If your headboard is relatively low, bear in mind the mattress thickness you are looking to order to ensure it does not encroach too high up.

Other considerations for bed sizes

When choosing a bed from one of our leading bed brands, there are a few things to consider.


When referring to Vispring’s Divan bases, they have three different heights:

  • Shallow sprung (17 cm)
  • Low sprung (25 cm)
  • High sprung divan (31 cm and 33.5 cm)

Divan height is measured from bottom to top edge. If the divan has “doming”, - it will add approximately 4cm to the height if it is measured from the centre.

If you have castors fitted to the underside of your divan, this will add 7cm for shepherd castors and 8.5cm for locking castors.

Vispring recommends the high divan for maximum comfort with their mattresses.

And So To Bed

Our own bed frames tend to be 10-15 cm wider and 15-20 cm longer than standard UK mattress sizes. Bases with a curved footboard take up additional length (for instance, our sleigh beds).

Prior to purchasing our four poster beds, ensure that your room is tall enough to accommodate the bed frames. Some of our beds range between 2.2 - 2.4m, so these are best suited for high ceilings.

Choosing a headboard

To get the right sized headboard, we recommend the headboard is the same width as the divan unless you would prefer it oversized for aesthetics. When considering delivery access for headboards, we have three different headboards that could be attached (bolt-through, UK fitting 'struts' and euro). UK fitting 'struts' and euro fixings mean the headboard is clear from the floor, making the moveability of your bed easier for delivery and cleaning purposes.

What mattress and bed size do I need?

When choosing your bed frame and mattress, it is essential to consider a range of factors:

  • Sleeping position
  • Body shape
  • Weight
  • Allergies
  • Back problems

Your mattress and bed size needs to be the perfect fit for you and your needs. If you are unsure which size to choose, it is always a good idea to visit our store and try out a few different beds. This will give you a better idea of what is available and what feels most comfortable for you.

Be sure to get the right measurements and test them out in a showroom, considering other options such as spring tensions, filaments, and size.

If you have any further questions about beds and mattresses available in these sizes, visit one of our showrooms or call us (0808 144 4343) and speak to a member of our team.