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Brinkhaus Climasoft Outlast® Mattress Pad
This mattress pad proactively manages heat and moisture to give a better, more comfortable nights sleep.
£ 209.00 £ 188.00
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Brinkhaus Morpheus Dust Mite Barrier for Pillows
The MORPHEUS® pillow dust mite barrier covers (pair) are specifically designed to allow allergy sufferers to enjoy a good night’s sleep without compromising on luxury. Brinkhaus have invested in weaving technology and machinery that enables them to produce a pure high quality cotton ultra-close weave fabric. After manufacture and mechanical finishing (not chemical) the weave of the "Morpheus" dust mite barrier is so tight that the density is smaller than the body size of the household dust mite thus preventing it from coming through the fabric.
£ 69.00 £ 62.00

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Brinkhaus Morpheus Dust Mite Mattress Protector
Perfect for allergy sufferers the Brinkhaus Morpheus Dust Mite Mattress Protector offers a tight weave dust mite barrier to prevent any household dust mites coming through the fabric. The "open" area between the warp and weft threads is minute, measuring between one third and two thirds of the body size of the young dust mite and around 10% of the size of the adult dust mite to prevent them passing through the weave.
£ 149.00 £ 134.00
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Brinkhaus Morpheus Mattress Pad
The Morpheus cotton mattress pad by Brinkhaus is an extremely comfortable addition to the top of the mattress and fits under the bottom sheet. A mattress cover that will add a comfortable layer that can be laundered at high temperatures as an effective allergy control.
£ 119.00 £ 107.00

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Natursan Plus Organic Pillow Protector
This Natursan Plus pillow protector is made from 100% pure organic cotton. It is fitted with a zip and a flap to ensure the pillow is completely protected. 
£ 21.75 £ 19.50
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Natursan Top Wool Quilted Mattress Protector
This natural mattress protector is made from 100% cotton fabric with pure virgin wool filling, giving excellent heat insulation. The wool filling provides natural thermo-regulating properties. Keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, recommended all year round.
£ 70.00 £ 63.00

TEMPUR® Cooling TENCEL™ Mattress Protector
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TEMPUR® Cooling TENCEL™ Mattress Protector
A bedding essential created for the home By TEMPUR® Collection to keep your TEMPUR® mattress clean, dry and fresh. Use a TEMPUR® Cooling Mattress Protector as an extra layer beneath your favourite bed linen, or as a bottom sheet itself. Ultra-thin, its waterproof sleeping surface is breathable and acts as barrier against dust mites.
£ 119.00
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Vispring Luxury Skirted Mattress Protector
The Vispring Luxury Skirted Mattress Protector is handcrafted with a breathable 100% BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton cover and plush filled with sumptuous 100% authentic, traceable British wool. The high-quality box quilting ensures the mattress protector is as practical as comfortable, adding a protective and temperature regulating comfort layer to your mattress. 
£ 179.00 £ 143.00

Vispring Quilted Mattress Protector
In stock
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Vispring Quilted Mattress Protector
We recommend to use a Vispring Quilted Mattress Protector to keep your mattress surface in beautiful condition.
£ 162.00 £ 129.00
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Vispring Wool Mattress Pad
The Vispring Bedstead, Wool Mattress Pad provides protection between your Vispring mattress and the base of your bedstead, extending the life of your mattress and enhancing comfort.
£ 152.00 £ 122.00

Mattress Protectors

Why do you need a mattress protector?

The average person spends about a third of their lives in bed, meaning that your mattress can become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and dust mites- all of which can cause skin irritation, illness and sleep disruption.

According to The Sleep Council

  • The average adult loses 285ml of fluid each night. 

  • An average bed contains 10,000 dust mites that produce more than two million droppings, which can aggravate allergies. 

  • Humans shed around 454g of dead skin over the course of a year, much of which ends up nestled in your bed. 

  • A dirty mattress can contain worrying levels of staphylococcus, enterococcus, norovirus and even MRSA.

Not only this but the moisture from our bodies while sleeping can make its way deep into the mattress, causing issues within.

A mattress protector works as a barrier between you and your mattress, catching the fluid, dust mites, stains and so on before they reach your mattress. Unlike the mattress, the protector can be thrown in the washing machine and cleaned as regularly as your bedding.

Mattresses are very difficult to clean, especially without causing damage by adding to the moisture or dislodging the filling. For this reason, we at And So To Bed believe prevention is better than damage, rather than finding a way to reverse it. 

Luxury mattress protector brands at And So To Bed

At And So To Bed we strongly recommend the use of a mattress protector to keep your mattress in the best possible condition for as long as possible, helping you get the most out of your investment. We have a range of luxury mattress protectors from some of the best designer bedding brands around.

Vispring: with their range of mattresses being so luxurious, it is no surprise that Vispring want to offer their customers a chance to protect them by creating a range of mattress protectors, helping to keep your Vispring mattress in tip top condition.

Brinkhaus: As well as other luxury bedding items, Brinkhaus also makes mattress protectors to help customers prevent any damage being caused to the outer and inner layers of their mattresses, which can dramatically decrease the lifespan.

TEMPUR®: TEMPUR® mattresses come with washable covers anyway, but those looking to double the protection can opt for a TEMPUR® mattress protector too. Their protectors feature an 'intelligent membrane' that prevents the mattress from getting wet and is one of the thinnest of its type on the market.

NATURSAN: Natursan natural mattress protectors are made from 100% cotton fabric with pure virgin wool filling, which provides excellent thermo-regulating properties, allowing you to stay cool in summer and warm in winter, all while protecting your mattress.