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Austen Bed
Our Austen Bed follows a classic Victorian design with its elegant curves, grand bedposts and gleaming metal finials. The styling of this hand-crafted luxury bed will add a touch of romance to any bedroom.
£ 2,795.00 £ 2,515.00
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Bayswater Upholstered Bed
The Bayswater Bed is a sophisticated addition to a bedroom, with smooth lines and an antique mirrored finish. 
£ 8,050.00 £ 6,440.00

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Boston Upholstered Bed
The Boston Bed is exquisite with its unique ‘floating bed’ design and gorgeous upholstery.
£ 3,220.00 £ 2,575.00
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Brompton Caned Bed
The Brompton Bed features a delicate caned headboard and classic scalloped detailing with an intricate, hand-carved finish. Perfect for creating a luxurious and contemporary bedroom.
£ 3,545.00 £ 2,835.00

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Brompton Upholstered Bed
The Bompton Upholstered Bed is one of our most iconic pieces, representing a high quality wooden bed. It is made of a solid wood frame and a styled, upholstered headboard.
£ 5,155.00 £ 4,120.00
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Bronte Bed
The unique chamfered finials and sculpted connectors elevate the Bronte Bed from the traditional aesthetic to a more modern interpretation which is at home in both modern or classic interiors. 
£ 2,195.00 £ 1,975.00

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Coriander Bed
Our Coriander Bed would look perfect in a Victorian bedroom, with its imposing proportions, cannonball finials and grand expanse of gleaming finish.
£ 3,915.00 £ 3,520.00
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Emilia Deep Buttoned Bed
The Emilia deep buttoned bedstead is elegant in design and beautifully proportioned with a contemporary feel. It has a tall, Chesterfield style buttoned headboard and a chic upholstered base.
£ 3,120.00 £ 2,495.00

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Emilia Grand Bed
The Emilia Grand Bed has been hand created in the UK by a team of expert craftsmen with comfort and exceptional quality in mind.
£ 4,080.00 £ 3,265.00
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Emilia Ottoman Bed
The Emilia Bed has been reinterpreted to create the Emilia Ottoman, handmade by craftsmen in the UK with comfort and exceptional quality in mind. Handpicked to reflect current interior design trends.
£ 3,550.00 £ 2,840.00

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Emilia Wing Upholstered Bed
The exquisite Emilia Wing Upholstered Bed features an elegantly crafted wingback headboard that not only provides substantial support but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the room with its classic contours and eye-catching silhouette.
£ 5,750.00 £ 4,600.00
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Floral Caned Bed
The Floral Caned Bed has a delicate, romantic look inspired by Marie Antoinette’s personal collection of furniture, decorated with trailing tendrils of flowers and foliage.
£ 6,515.00 £ 5,212.00

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Hardy Bed
Our Hardy Bed is a classic Victorian design. At home in any decorative scheme from traditional to modern, featuring heavy sand-cast components and beautiful polished metal finishes.
£ 3,355.00 £ 3,015.00
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Juliet Painted Caned Bed
Our Juliet Bed has a playful, romantic French feel inspired by the Rococo style of the 18th Century. The headboard incorporates a classic French design, while the bedposts are decorated with intricate carvings.  
£ 5,340.00 £ 4,270.00

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Juniper Bed
Revel in the romance of the authentic Victorian styling of our Juniper Bed. This enchanting bed is designed to maintain its charm for years to come.
£ 2,135.00 £ 1,920.00
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Louis XV Caned Bed
The Louis XV Caned Bed is uniquely inspired by the designs of the Rococo period, made famous by Louis XV and his mistress Madame de Pompadour. This graceful bed features handwoven, tea-stained cane, a hand-carved solid timber frame and elegant rose motifs, all specially treated for a superior finish. The unique bed is available up to super king and emperor bed sizes.
£ 4,745.00 £ 3,796.00

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Manoir Bed
The Manoir Bed is a part of our collection of classic lits bateaux, with graceful lines and simple hand-carved details in a rich cherry veneer finish. Styled on the rounded forms of the Louis Philippe period, it has an enduring appeal, perfectly suited to any interior, classic or contemporary. 
£ 6,335.00 £ 5,065.00
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Manoir Painted Bed
Our classic Manoir Bed is a charming take on a simple lit bateau style, with graceful lines and simple hand-carved details inspired by the Louis Philippe period.
£ 6,930.00 £ 5,540.00

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Manoir Painted Socle Bed
The Manoir Bed is a part of our collection of classic lits bateaux, with graceful lines and simple hand-carved details in a painted finish. Styled on the rounded forms of the Louis Philippe period, it has an enduring appeal, perfectly suited to any interior, classic or contemporary.
£ 6,460.00 £ 5,165.00
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Manoir Socle Bed
The Manoir Socle Bed is styled on the rounded forms of the Louis Philippe period. Perfectly suited to any interior, classic or contemporary and a part of our collection of classic lits bateaux beds.
£ 5,910.00 £ 4,725.00

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Mayfair Upholstered Bed
The Mayfair Upholstered Bed is a quintessential classic for those who want to create a classy and smart space.
£ 8,645.00 £ 6,915.00
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Richmond Bed
The Richmond Bed is an example of elegant simplicity. A timeless, chic and versatile design to suit a huge variety of bedroom styles. Handcrafted by our skilled British artisans.
£ 2,680.00 £ 2,140.00

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Sage Bed
The simple, elegant lines of the Sage Bed in polished nickel, echo the restrained elegance of Art Deco design. Our artisans have recreated a style from the 1920's, which would look perfect on a luxury ocean liner.
£ 4,395.00 £ 3,955.00

Luxury Double Beds

What types of bed frames and luxury beds are on offer?

At And So To Bed, we have a range of unique beds that are suitable for any room. There are many considerations that go into choosing the perfect bed frame for your room. When paired with any of our mattresses, it’s the ultimate dream.

Bed Frames

Our expansive range of beds poses many questions about what to consider when choosing a bed frame. These could include:

  • Why do I want a new bed frame?
  • How does the style fit with my room decor?
  • How big do I want it to be?
  • How long will it last?
  • Does it come with a guarantee?
  • Do I want to upgrade my mattress as well?

Wooden Beds

Our exquisite range of wooden beds are luxurious and one of a kind. If you can appreciate fine craftsmanship and longevity, a wooden bed is the style for you. Available in an array of styles and finishes, such as painted and natural. Wooden beds are not only a great investment but also are able to create a cosy and aesthetic which can uplift any room.

Metal Beds

Our metal bed frames are durable and a worthy centrepiece for your bedroom. Choose from two ranges: brass and nickel and cast iron

Upholstered Beds

Our upholstered bed frames combine comfort, tone, texture and style to create a wonderful focal point for your bedroom. The range includes contemporary, traditional and upholstered ottoman beds. From playful colours to patterns reminiscent of early historic design periods, we have you covered.

Divan Beds

Our divan beds are perfect if you like your storage within reach. If you have a small bedroom or you’re looking for something more practical, this is the choice for you. At And So To Bed, Vispring and Tempur are some of the best brands on the market.

Adjustable Beds

And So To Bed’s adjustable beds really take comfortability to a different level. With their recliner features, you are able to control the position of your bed at the touch of a button. TEMPUR ® and Vispring are our go to for this incredible bed style.

Ottoman Beds

The structure of an ottoman bed means the entire underbed is free for storage, compared to a divan bed where its base is composed of drawers. It’s a practical solution, so this is a top pick if you are looking to minimise space and maximise storage. Our range of ottoman beds are perfect for any bedroom. We have luxury ottoman bed options from our own range and from TEMPUR ®.

Four Poster Beds

Our four poster beds are synonymous with creating your bedroom sanctuary. With its original intention, it offered a cosier sleeping space as curtains could be drawn around the surround of the bed frame. Four poster beds are not a style of the past, but now provide a statement and focal point for a bedroom.

Who are your bespoke luxury bed brands?

For those who want to spend a little more on a new bed, we have an amazing collection of leading bed brands to ensure comfort and style, including:

We also have our own handcrafted beds created inspired by iconic periods in design history from Baroque, Gothic and French influences.