Bedfolk Relaxed Cotton Quilt
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Bedfolk Relaxed Cotton Quilt
Made in Portugal from the finest quality cotton, this lofty quilt adds an extra layer of comfort to your bed (or sofa). Designed to hug your bed, these generously sized quilts have a medium weight that's ideal for year-round use. Pair with matching Quilted Squares for that I-am-actually-sleeping-in-a-cloud feel.
£ 139.00
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Arosa Duvet
The Arosa Duvet from And So To Bed uses only the finest quality fillings and is sure to complete your sleeping experience. A range of luxury pillows and cushions is also available.
£ 199.00 £ 180.00

Bedfolk 100% Down Duvet
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Bedfolk 100% Down Duvet
If you want to experience sleeping under a cloud, this is the duvet for you. This premium UK-made duvet is filled with responsibly sourced 100% European White Duck Down for the most comfortable night’s sleep you’ll ever have. It’s the best of the best – a super-light, lofty, soft and plump duvet.
£ 149.00
Bedfolk Down Alternative Duvet
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Bedfolk Down Alternative Duvet
Made from recycled plastic bottles, this innovative duvet has been designed to mimic the light, lofty and super-soft feel of down. Perfect for anyone who loves a soft, lightweight, and cuddly duvet but prefers an alternative to down products.
£ 109.00

Bedfolk Recycled Down Duvet
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Bedfolk Recycled Down Duvet
Kinder to the environment, this eco-duvet is filled with 100% recycled down; we take pre-loved down from luxury apparel and regenerate it via environmentally friendly practises. It’s everything you’d expect from a premium 100% down duvet - light, lofty, warm, fluffy and soft -with the added benefit of being eco-friendly.
£ 129.00
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Brinkhaus Crystal Duvet
The Crystal duvet by Brinkhaus can be combined with the Gem, Pearl or Opal duvets for extra warmth. Tog: 4.0 tog - lightweight for summer use.
£ 249.00 £ 224.00

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Brinkhaus For All Seasons Duvet Set
The 'For All Seasons' Duvet by Brinkhaus is a highly versatile combination of duvets. The lighter duvet for summer and the heavier weight for autumn can be joined together with strong lightweight nickel-free press studs for extra warmth on those cold winter nights. Using top grade white European goose down provides loft for insulation and lightness for freedom and comfort, all encased in combed Egyptian cotton.
£ 479.00 £ 431.00
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Brinkhaus Gem Duvet
A warm duvet for Autumn/Winter use, the Gem Duvet by Brinkhaus can also be combined with lighter Crystal, Pearl or Opal duvets by Brinkhaus. Tog: 10.5 tog , which makes it a medium/heavy weight duvet for Autumn/Winter use.
£ 449.00 £ 404.00

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Brinkhaus Opal Duvet
Filled with premier Hungarian Goose Down for supreme comfort - the Opal Duvet by Brinkhaus
£ 219.00 £ 197.00
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Brinkhaus Pearl Duvet
A medium weight luxury duvet, the Pearl Duvet by Brinkhaus can be used all year round and combined with Crystal, Gem or Opal duvets for extra warmth.
£ 329.00 £ 296.00

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Brinkhaus Sapphire Duvet
Exceptionally high-quality, contemporary duvet construction in the Sapphire Duvet from Brinkhaus
£ 509.00 £ 458.00
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Morzine Duvet
The Morzine Duvet from And So To Bed uses only the finest quality fillings and is sure to complete your sleeping experience. A range of luxury pillows and cushions are also available.
£ 175.00 £ 158.00

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Style Duvet
The Style Duvet from And So To Bed uses only the finest quality fillings and is sure to complete your sleeping experience. A range of luxury pillows and cushions is also available.
£ 319.00 £ 288.00
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Vispring Hungarian Goose Down Duvet
Made with natural fillings to regulate body temperature, helping you sleep deeper for longer. The 100% Hungarian Goose provides exceptional comfort and warmth. It is available in both king and super king sizes.
£ 546.00 £ 435.00

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Vispring Pyrenean Duck Down Duvet
New from the Vispring collection, The Vispring Pyrenean Duck Down is the first of the high quality Vispring bedding products made  with natural fillings. This duvet is the wonderfully comfortable Pyrenean Duck Down option which is available in both king and superking sizes. Vispring have always set the standard for quality and this duvet is no exception, Pyrenean Duck Down is naturally soft and is outstanding at regulating body temperature, helping you sleep deeper for longer.
£ 404.00 £ 320.00


What are the different types of duvets?

When choosing the type of duvet you prefer there are two types of filling, natural or synthetic. 

Hollowfibre and microfibre duvets: Hollowfibre duvets get their name from the construction due to the 'hollow' between the 'fibres’. Microfibre duvets mimic the down-like plumpness and are lightweight. The fibres in a microfibre duvet are constructed using a super fine denier of polyester fibre, and to specific lengths which mimic the feel of a goose-down duvet. Compared to hollowfibre, microfibre duvets are filled with more tightly woven fine fibres that give it an overall more silk-like softness and plump feel, instead of offering gaps between the fibres.

Feather and down duvets: As the name suggests these duvets are filled with feather and down, usually goose or duck. The percentage of air between the feathers in this type of duvet reduces the weight in proportion to its volume, therefore feather and down-filled duvets are able to keep the body warm and comfortable during sleep but are very light at the same time. 

There are a few reasons that people might prefer feather duvets over hollowfibre or microfibre duvets. Some people find that feather duvets are more comfortable, as they are softer and more light-weight, resulting in a better night's sleep. They’re also much better at regulating body temperature, as they trap heat more effectively. 

Feather duvets tend to last longer than microfibre duvets, as they are more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

What duvet tog do I need?

Firstly, what is a tog rating? A tog rating describes the warmth of “Thermal Resistance”, this is how much heat the duvet retains. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet will be, with 1 tog being very cool and lightweight, and 15 being the warmest.

Here are the recommended togs:

1-4.5 tog - lightest for those very warm days

7-10.5 tog - great for autumn and spring when the temperature can be temperamental

12-15 tog - the heaviest togs for cold winters

8.0 tog - is a great choice of an all-year duvet

Those that are particularly sensitive to temperature changes may opt for a lighter duvet and a heavier one to ensure they are catered for whatever the season, others may prefer to just get an all-rounder to see them through the whole year. Brinkhaus offer a “For All Seasons” duvet which consists of a summer duvet, spring / autumn duvet, which can be press studded to form a warmer winter duvet.

How often should you replace your duvet?

The Sleep Council suggests duvets are replaced every two to five years, but this depends on how the duvet is cared for. You can purchase duvet protectors which go under your cover to add a layer of protection between stains, dust mites and moisture. These are usually easier to wash and dry than a duvet itself, particularly larger duvets. 

Can you wash a duvet?

Whether you can wash a duvet is dependent on the type. A synthetic duvet can usually be washed in the washing machine at up to 60c, this is why they are suitable for allergy sufferers as allergens can be easily washed away.

Some feather and down filled duvets can be washed in the machine but as with all luxury bedding, check the manufacturer's instructions on the label before washing.

For the duvets that are dry clean only it is recommended that a duvet protector is used to help create an additional barrier of protection for your duvet. The protectors can be washed in the washing machine and will aid in the prevention of stains and bacteria.

Luxury duvet brands at And So To Bed

At And So To Bed we are passionate about a good night’s sleep, because of this we only stock the best luxury brand duvets.

Vispring: renowned for their high quality mattresses, Vispring now also offer a luxury Pyrenean duck down and feather duvet, cased in a 100% Cotton Satin supremely soft duvet cover with tightly woven 240 thread count, sold at And So To Bed.

Brinkhaus: Brinkhaus offer an intelligent range of differing tog duvets that can be combined to increase warmth during winter but separated when the temperatures rise. Duvets by Brinkhaus are all filled with premier Hungarian goose down cased in 100% Egyptian long staple cotton batiste. Be sure to also check out the Brinkhaus luxury pillows to complete your set.

TEMPUR®: TEMPUR® duvets use their space-certified TEMPRAKON® technology combined with traditional soft fillings of goose down to optimise body temperature and humidity control, even when you share a bed.

And So To Bed: We also have our own range of luxury duvets filled with high-quality 80% new white goose down and feathers. All approved by Oko-Tex and Nomite and are machine washable too.