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Alpha Pillow
The Alpha Pillow from And So To Bed uses only the finest quality fillings and is sure to complete your sleeping experience.
£ 45.00 £ 41.00
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Ambassador Pillow
The Ambassador Pillow from And So To Bed uses only the finest quality fillings and is sure to complete your sleeping experience.
£ 209.00 £ 189.00

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Natursan Top Wool Quilted Mattress Protector
This natural mattress protector is made from 100% cotton fabric with pure virgin wool filling, giving excellent heat insulation. The wool filling provides natural thermo-regulating properties. Keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, recommended all year round.
£ 70.00 £ 63.00
TEMPUR® Luxe Standard Cooling Duvet
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TEMPUR® Luxe Standard Cooling Duvet
With a soft cover made from space-certified OutLast® technology combined with sumptuous WarmMax® fibre fillings, the Home BY TEMPUR® Luxe Standard Cooling Duvet optimises body temperature and humidity control for a restorative night’s sleep.
£ 289.00

Vispring Wool Mattress Pad
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Vispring Wool Mattress Pad
The Vispring Bedstead, Wool Mattress Pad provides protection between your Vispring mattress and the base of your bedstead, extending the life of your mattress and enhancing comfort.
£ 152.00 £ 122.00


Why choose luxury bedding?

We spend approximately one third of our lives in bed, so it is important that we invest in getting the best quality sleep possible. Luxury bedding is made of higher quality materials, such as luxury Egyptian cotton bed linen or feather designer pillows. These materials have a smoother, softer surface which reduces any irritation and increases the level of comfort provided.

Luxury bedding is also often made from natural fibres, meaning they are breathable and will help wick sweat away when it is too hot, keeping you cooler and ensuring a better night’s sleep.

Types of luxury bedding and what to look for

There are many different types of luxury bedding to choose from. Before you start with the more luxurious bed linens, think about the foundations of your bed- your mattress topper, duvet and pillows.

For your duvet you will want to look for those with quilted or baffle walls. These create separate chambers in the duvet, which is the best way to retain the duvet shape and heat whilst a high-quality, down-proof casing will improve the weight and feel of the duvet.

A mattress topper should also be breathable and made of natural materials to maintain steady body temperatures. The luxury mattress toppers stocked by And So To Bed are made of materials such as cotton, wool, cashmere and silk, to give the feeling of sleeping on a cloud.

A pillow’s job is important as it must support your head and neck, keeping your spine aligned to help you achieve uninterrupted sleep. Cheaper pillows are likely to be filled with synthetic materials such as synthetic wool / polyester fibre which quickly lose shape and provide less support for your neck. Luxury and designer pillows are instead made of the highest quality feather and down, or memory foam, depending on preference.

Luxury bed linen should also be made of natural fibres such as cotton or silk to help you stay cool at night. Our luxury duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases are predominantly made from Egyptian cotton or micro dermal, which is an organic, man–made fibre. Woven from beech tree cellulose thread it is a wonderful natural alternative to silk.

The best luxury bedding brands at And So To Bed

In order to make sure our customers have the best night’s sleep, we only stock the best designer bedding brands.

Vispring bedding: As well as premium mattresses, Vispring also makes a range of luxury mattress toppers containing their trademark organic fillings such as British fleece wool and cotton. Vispring Pillows and Duvets feature 100% Pyrenean duck or Hungarian goose feathers.

Yves Delorme bedding: We stock a range of contemporary, luxury bed linen sets from this designer bedding brand. All made with a high-thread count, Egyptian cotton, available in a range of neutral tones to suit a modern bedroom.

Brinkhaus bedding: This luxury bedding brand has been synonymous with supreme quality in premium bedding since 1847. Many of their duvets, mattress pads and pillows are filled with the finest, premier Hungarian goose down, and all their products are Medicott treated, offering superior comfort for longer.

TEMPUR® bedding: Usually associated with their mattress offering, TEMPUR® have taken their scientific approach and applied it to bedding too. Their pillows are developed to provide plush comfort whilst still maintaining support.

And So To Bed bedding: As experts in sleep we know a thing or two about setting yourself up for quality rest. Our range of luxury bedding includes pillows, duvets and bed linen, are made of quality materials and are all Oko-Tex and Nomite approved.