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Brinkhaus Down Surround Pillow
Made exactly as it is described, the down surround pillow has a central tubular core case which is filled with a feather and down mixture (85% feathers / 15% down). This is surrounded under the outside case by a high down mixture (80% white Goose Down) thus giving real softness on which to rest your head, but without being too shallow. The Down Surround pillow is available in two sizes.
£ 129.00 £ 116.00
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Brinkhaus Hungarian Pillow
Luxurious and comforting, the Hungarian Pillow from Brinkhaus is filled with the finest Hungarian Goose Down enclosed in Egyptian Cotton
£ 249.00 £ 224.00

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Brinkhaus Morpheus Dust Mite Barrier for Pillows
The MORPHEUS® pillow dust mite barrier covers (pair) are specifically designed to allow allergy sufferers to enjoy a good night’s sleep without compromising on luxury. Brinkhaus have invested in weaving technology and machinery that enables them to produce a pure high quality cotton ultra-close weave fabric. After manufacture and mechanical finishing (not chemical) the weave of the "Morpheus" dust mite barrier is so tight that the density is smaller than the body size of the household dust mite thus preventing it from coming through the fabric.
£ 59.00 £ 53.00
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Brinkhaus Morpheus Pillow
A good alternative to animal-based pillow fillings. Can be washed in temperatures of up to 95°C to kill allergens - The Morpheus Cotton Pillow by Brinkhaus
£ 109.00 £ 98.00

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Brinkhaus Sapphire Pillow
Support, softness and exceptional comfort from The Sapphire Pillow by Brinkhaus
£ 289.00 £ 260.00