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Dr Lindsay Browning

Since February 2019, we have been been working in partnership with our sleep ambassador, Dr Lindsay Browning.

Dr Lindsay, the author of Navigating Sleeplessness and founder of expert in her field is here to help you get "the finest night’s sleep".

Her sleep tips are also available here in brief snippets, through the ASTB sleep talk articles, and she is also available for one-to-one consultations with our customers to help you overcome specific sleep problems that you may have encountered.

Obtaining a doctorate from the University of Oxford, where she investigated the relationship between worry and insomnia, Dr Lindsay is passionate in helping people of all ages to sleep well. She works with organisations and hotels to offer sleep consultancy and better sleep sessons. A Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Dr Lindsay is also a member of the British Sleep Society, and has published several publications about sleep and game theory.

Dr Lindsay states: “My passion for sleep aligns perfectly with And So To Bed’s ethos, and I look forward to helping you achieve this.”

Dr Lindsay Browning
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