Bed Linen

Why choose luxury bed linen?

A good night's sleep can not only have a huge effect on your mood, but also on your health too, which is why it is vital that we invest in getting the best sleep possible. One thing that could make the difference is high-quality, luxury bed linen.

Bed linen will be the only part of your bedding that will touch your skin throughout your sleep. If you choose linen made of a synthetic material, such as polyester, you will find you get too hot in the night as the moisture will not be able to wick away. In the heat, you may struggle to sleep as your body temperature is unable to drop. If it is unable to do this, getting to sleep is more difficult.

You may also find that some lower quality and/or synthetic materials are rougher on the skin, causing skin irritation.

Both of these scenarios can result in disrupted sleep, which long term will affect other aspects of your life.

This is why choosing luxury bed linen is a wise investment for mental and physical health. Luxury bed linen, such as the ranges stocked at And So To Bed, is made of premium natural materials which help to keep the body cool in the heat but snug in the winter. They are also soft on the skin, which means there is no friction between the linen and you, allowing for a restful night’s sleep.

Luxury bed linen brands at And So To Bed

Whether you are looking for luxury pillowcases, fitted sheets, duvet sets or flat sheets, we have a selection of high-quality options available.

Yves Delorme: Yves Delorme creates high thread count Egyptian cotton bed linen which will ensure every minute in bed feels like luxury. The bed linen we stock from Yves Delorme comes in a range of earthy tones, suited to all interior styles and colour schemes.

And So To Bed: As experts in sleep ourselves we also offer our own range of luxury bed linen, made from natural fibres to ensure sleepers remain at a comfortable temperature throughout all seasons. From crisp pure cotton flat bed sheets to silk like Egyptian cotton Sateen luxury pillowcases.