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Brinkhaus Morpheus Pillow
A good alternative to animal-based pillow fillings. Can be washed in temperatures of up to 95°C to kill allergens - The Morpheus Cotton Pillow by Brinkhaus
£ 55.00 £ 50.00
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Brinkhaus Down Surround Pillow
Made exactly as it is described, the down surround pillow has a central tubular core case which is filled with a feather and down mixture (85% feathers / 15% down). This is surrounded under the outside case by a high down mixture (80% white Goose Down) thus giving real softness on which to rest your head, but without being too shallow. The Down Surround pillow is available in two sizes.
£ 105.00 £ 95.00

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Brinkhaus Hungarian Pillow
Luxurious and comforting, the Hungarian Pillow from Brinkhaus is filled with the finest Hungarian Goose Down enclosed in Eqyptian Cotton
£ 199.00 £ 180.00
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Brinkhaus Sapphire Pillow
Support, softness and exceptional comfort from The Sapphire Pillow by Brinkhaus
£ 239.00 £ 216.00