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Yves Delorme Triomphe Duvet Cover

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The Triomphe duvet cover is one of the best-selling plain dye ranges Yves Delorme offers. The duvet cover is a 300 thread count with a double saddle-stitch detail framing the body of the linen, yet it is still lightweight. The silky finish adds depth and light to its colour and creates a sophisticated atmosphere in any room. Perfect to pair with patterned designs to create a modern twist. 




Yves Delorme Triomphe Duvet Cover
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  • A classic duvet cover in a versatile minimalist design.
  • Crafted from 100% organic cotton sateen in a solid colour, the only adornment on this otherwise plain design is a double saddle stitch placed along the edges, framing the entire cover.
  • Features a button closure.
  • Egyptian cotton sateen 300 threads/inch².


  • Prewash all linens before use.
  • Machine washing is recommended for all Yves Delorme products, except for those bearing a “dry clean only” label.
  • Wash in machine at a maximum of 60° with a regular spin.
  • Wash pure cotton linens separately, and do not mix with any synthetic fabrics (e.g. polyester).
  • Cotton is a natural fibre and will shrink slightly, from 4 to 8%, following a machine wash. The sizing of these products allows for this shrinkage. Items washed and dried at high temperature can shrink even more.
  • Do not use bleach and avoid detergents containing whiteners should not be used on coloured textiles as they could alter or fade colours. 
  • Tumble dry at a low temperature, removing promptly to reduce wrinkling.
  • Smooth out, finger pressing details like flanges on pillowcases and borders on flat sheets before folding carefully.
  • Iron at a low to medium temperature if required.

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