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Tempur TEMPUR® Traditional Pillow

TEMPUR® Traditional Pillow

From £ 139.99 £ 98.00

Filled with specially developed TEMPUR® firm material particles, the TEMPUR® Traditional Pillow Firm is all about plush comfort and support. Complete with a washable 100% soft white cotton cover, you can dress the Traditional Pillow Firm up in your favourite bed linen because it fits in to a standard pillow case. Huggable and shapeable, you can then fluff and puff it just the way you like before you go to sleep. 

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  • 3 year guarantee
  • Provides a sumptuous firm comfort level
  • Classic rectangular shaped pillow
  • Fits a standard pillow case
  • The 100% soft cotton cover is removable for washing at 60°C
  • Daily fluffing and puffing will help to maintain this product
  • Measurements: 74 x 50 cm



 When your pillow arrives, remove all wrappings and allow the pillow to air. During transportation the pillow may compress in size. It will return to its normal size at room temperature. TEMPUR® Material must not be folded or forced into shape as there is a risk of the material tearing.


TEMPUR® Material cannot be washed. To clean, remove the cover and air the TEMPUR® Material or wipe it carefully with a damp cloth. Most TEMPUR® covers can be removed and washed in accordance with the washing instructions on the product care label. Turn the cover inside out and close the zipper. The covers containing TEMPUR® Material cannot be washed. Instead, remove for airing and brushing.


TEMPUR® Pillows must be aired regularly to avoid the accumulation of moisture in the pillow. TEMPUR® advises against the use of electric blankets and hot water bottles in conjunction with its products, as they may damage the products which will result in this guarantee becoming invalidated.


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TEMPUR® Traditional Pillow
£ 139.99 £ 98.00