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Brinkhaus Chalet Side Sleeper Pillow

From £ 509.00 £ 458.00

The Chalet Side Sleeper Box Edged Pillow represents the absolute finest Down Filled Brinkhaus Duvets and Brinkhaus Pillows ever produced.

Brinkhaus Duvets and Brinkhaus Pillows are known for being the finest in the world. Therefore the Luxury Lifestyle Collection Duvets and Luxury Lifestyle Pillows represent amongst the finest of the finest - The Best of the Best!



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Brinkhaus Chalet Side Sleeper Pillow
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The Chalet side sleeper pillow is a core part of the Luxury Lifestyle collection. The pillow has a medium support rating, and is filled with 90% new white large cluster Canadian White Goose down, and 10% fine feathers (to provide some support). This pillow differs from the regular Chalet soft pillow, in that it has a box construction and a higher support rating.


  • The cover of the Chalet Collection Duvets and Chalet Collection Pillows is made from Swiss 100% Cotton Nano-batiste material.
  • This is an ultra ultra light material and has a considerably higher and faster moisture absorption and disposal than any other available. This encourages a healthy, dry sleeping environment.
  • The cover is also Nomite® certified.
  • Superb for side sleepers - Soft yet Supportive, Medium support rating.

Fill Weight

  • Standard Pillow 50 x 75cm 600g.
  • King Size Pillow 50 x 90cm 720g.