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Brinkhaus Climasoft Outlast® Pillow

From £ 129.00 £ 116.00

This pillow proactively manages heat and moisture to give a better, more comfortable nights sleep.



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Brinkhaus Climasoft Outlast® Pillow
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10 reasons to buy from And So To Bed


Outlast® products actually absorb warmth to stop you from overheating in bed and then release it again to stop you from cooling down too much. Using Outlast® technology, this pillow utilizes phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimum thermal comfort.



100% Long staple Egyptian cotton cambric 192 thread count, with a special Outlast® coated PP-nonwoven interliner used on both sides.


100% Thermofill Plus, Polyester hollow fibre balls


Quilted outer cover with zipper

Outlast® Information

Futher Information about Outlast®

Climasoft Outlast® offers a perfect temperature balance thanks to NASA high tech certified space technology.

Textiles that use this patented Outlast® technology have an additional benefit in that temperature is intelligently, dynamically and proactively regulated. Outlast® technology makes use of Phase Change Material (PCM) which can absorb and store heat then release it again so that optimum moisture and temperature management can be achieved. Outlast® Phase Change Materials are encapsulated, permanently enclosed within a protective polymer case. These encapsulated Phase Change Materials are known as Thermocules™.

How It Works


1. Your skin is constantly being influenced from the outside, altering the microclimate.

2. Surplus warmth is produced when you're too hot, normally leading to perspiration and a feeling of being uncomfortable.

3. This is where Outlast® technology helps. The surplus warmth is absorbed and stored by the patented Outlast® microcapsules.

If it gets colder, the stored warmth is released again to reheat your body.

The result is an even microclimate, leaving your skin feeling more comfortable.