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Brinkhaus Luxury Twin Pillow

From £ 199.00 £ 179.00

Unlike the "Surround Pillow" the "Twin Pillow" features a softer side and a firmer side.

Use it on the softer side while the firmer side acts like a hammock to stop you sinking too far into the pillow. The firmer side for support and the softer side for comfort.



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Brinkhaus Luxury Twin Pillow
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10 reasons to buy from And So To Bed


This is a great pillow for a guest room - no need to buy an expensive soft pillow and a firmer pillow, why not give your guest just one type of pillow and leave the choice to them.

This is the softest twin pillow with Premier Hungarian Goose down (90%) on the softest side and a firmer mixture of Pyrenean duck down and feather (30%/70%) on the other side.

The fine quality Egyptian cotton cover and satin piping make this a connoisseurs' dream pillow.



  • 100% Finest Egyptian cotton twill 300 thread count
  • 100% cotton twill 234 thread count


  • Pure new white Hungarian Goose Down (90%)
  • New white European Duck feathers and down (70%/30%)

Filling Weights

  • Standard Pillow 50 x 75cm 170g + 750g
  • King Size Pillow 50 x 90cm 200g + 900g


  • Medium soft to Medium


Brinkhaus Luxury Twin Pillow
£ 199.00 £ 179.00