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Spencer Oxford Pillowcase Pair

From £ 123.00

Add quality and comfort to your bedroom décor with the Spencer Standard Pillowcase, harmoniously blends the elegance of feminine curves with the timeless charm of traditional English design




Reed Family Linen Spencer Oxford Pillowcase Pair - Luxury Pillow Cases
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Featuring earthy tones inspired by the awe-inspiring and captivating desert landscapes of Africa, our Spencer pillowcase captures the essence of the continent's natural beauty. This popular choice has found its place in prestigious properties throughout Africa, including the renowned Tswalu Game Lodge nestled on the border of Botswana's Kalahari Desert. The collection's gentle and organic colour palette effortlessly harmonises with the surrounding bush, evoking a sense of tranquillity and connection to nature. Whether adorning a luxurious beach house or an inviting bedroom, our Spencer pillowcase exudes a timeless charm. 




  • Exclusively available in our 400 thread count single yarn Percale fabric

  • Cotton warp yarns and 100% linen weft threads

  • Available in a variety of sizes, including super king and emperor

  • Fitted sheets have a 25cm deep pocket to accommodate deep mattresses and mattress toppers






Our bed linens are made from the finest fabrics and finished to the highest possible standard and in order to retain this quality for many years, it is important to follow these simple instructions:



Always read and follow the washing instructions on the care label stitched into all our bed linen. Separate white, light and dark items. Avoid washing powders that contain optical brighteners; these can cause colours to fade and become patchy over time. Beauty products have a detrimental affect on your linens as they contain bleaching agents and can cause permanent colour loss. Never wash at a higher temperature than recommended as this can cause the overall fabric to permanently shrink and lose its surface quality.


Drying and Ironing

All our bed linens can be tumble dried on a cool setting, but it is important to remove them as soon as the programme has finished to minimise creasing. Ironing the bed linen with a steam iron while slightly damp will produce the crispest finish. Embroidered items should be turned inside out to iron as this will raise the embroidery and lessen the chance of catching the stitching.