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Brinkhaus Four Seasons Duvet Set
For All Seasons Duvet Set
A combination of two Brinkhaus Duvets - 4.5 tog for Summer and 9.0 tog for Autumn can be combined for extra warmth on the cold Winter nights. A Duvet set 'For All Seasons'.
Available in 5 sizes
Brinkhaus Sapphire Pillow
Sapphire Pillow
Support, softness and exceptional comfort from The Sapphire Pillow by Brinkhaus
Available in 2 sizes
Brinkhaus Sapphire Duvet
Sapphire Duvet
Exceptionally high-quality, contemporary duvet construction in the Sapphire Duvet from Brinkhaus
Available in 5 sizes
Brinkhaus Pearl Duvet
Pearl Duvet
A medium weight luxury duvet, the Pearl Duvet by Brinkhaus can be used all year round and combined with Crystal, Gem or Opal duvets for extra warmth.
Available in 5 sizes
Brinkhaus Opal Duvet
Opal Duvet
Filled with premier Hungarian Goose Down for supreme comfort - the Opal Duvet by Brinkhaus
Available in 5 sizes
Brinkhaus Morpheus Pillow
Morpheus Pillow
A good alternative to animal-based pillow fillings. Can be washed in temperatures of up to 95°C to kill allergens - The Morpheus Cotton Pillow by Brinkhaus
Brinkhaus Morpheus Mattress Pad
Morpheus Mattress Pad
A mattress cover that will add a comfortable layer that can be laundered at high temperatures as an effective allergy control - The Morpheus Mattress Pad by Brinkhaus
Available in 4 sizes
Brinkhaus Hungarian Goose Pillow
Hungarian Pillow
Luxurious and comforting, the Hungarian Pillow from Brinkhaus is filled with the finest Hungarian Goose Down enclosed in Eqyptian Cotton
Available in 3 sizes
Brinkhaus Gem Duvet 1
Gem Duvet
A warm duvet for Autumn/Winter use, the Gem Duvet by Brinkhaus can also be combined with lighter Crystal, Pearl or Opal duvets by Brinkhaus.
Available in 5 sizes
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