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Yves Delorme Athena Pillow Case

£ 59.00 £ 45.00

Athena bed linen is the signature style of Yves Delorme. This range of pillowcases is an elegant mix of luxury white cotton with a colourful bourdon stitching. The sateen horizontal and vertical stitch frames the crisp white body to create a modern look.

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Delivery estimate currently unavailable Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot currently provide an estimated delivery date for this item as our suppliers may close at short notice. If you wish you proceed and purchase this item, we can keep you updated with delivery estimates as we receive them.


£ 45.00


Pair with Triomphe to add colour to your room, or pair with our fashion prints to create a contemporary finish.

Egyptian cotton percale 500 threads/inch².




    • Prewash all linens before use.


    • Machine washing is recommended for all Yves Delorme products, except for those bearing a “dry clean only” label.


    • Wash in machine at a maximum of 60° with a regular spin.


    • Wash pure cotton linens separately, and do not mix with any synthetic fabrics (e.g. polyester).


    • Cotton is a natural fibre and will shrink slightly, from 4 to 8%, following a machine wash. The sizing of these products allows for this shrinkage. Items washed and dried at high temperature can shrink even more.


    • Do not use bleach and avoid detergents containing whiteners should not be used on coloured textiles as they could alter or fade colours. 


    • Tumble dry at a low temperature, removing promptly to reduce wrinkling.


    • Smooth out, finger pressing details like flanges on pillowcases and borders on flat sheets before folding carefully.


    • Iron at a low to medium temperature if required.


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