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Vispring Opulence Mattress & Divan Set

Vispring Opulence Mattress & Divan Set

From £ 28,205.00 £ 22,560.00

Or £629.80 per month on 0.0% APR (24 Months)

Exclusive to And So To Bed, we are pleased to introduce the Vispring Opulence. This Mattress and Divan Set comes with the Opulence Mattress and accompanying low divan. 



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Vispring Opulence Mattress & Divan Set - Divan Beds
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10 reasons to buy from And So To Bed


The Vispring Opulence Mattress & Divan Set can be completed with a Vispring Headboard with a wide range of choices available which are sold separately. 

The Eccleston Headboard pictured, is sold separately.

Partnered Divan: Vispring Opulence Low Divan (25cm)


  • Available in mattress tick 533 only.
  • Tape edge in 2095 only.
  • Embroidered foot end handles “Vispring”. Thread to match tape edge colour.
  • 900gsm Layered Shetland Wool and Cotton
  • Blend of: 450gsm Mooseburger hair, 200gsm Cashmere, 150gsm Alpaca, 150gsm Bamboo, 100gsm Mulberry Silk.
  • 900gsm Layered Shetland Wool and Cotton

All Vispring mattresses carry a 30 Year Guarantee.


  • Available in a low divan only (25cm deep).
  • Selection of colours and fabrics available.
  • Only the L5 leg is available on the Opulence divan.
  • 1200gsm Horsetail Hair
  • 1200gsm Blended fleece wool and cotton



Letting your mattress settle
When your mattress arrives remove all wrappings to allow the mattress to air. Your mattress may seem shorter than its base/divan. Once unpacked, the mattress will gradually return to full size. If you find that the mattress is settling unevenly, turn the mattress.

Turning the mattress
Mattresses may need to be turned occasionally, regularly, or not at all. For specific advice, please consult the booklet which comes with your mattress.

Your Vispring mattress is hand-tufted. They ensure the upholstery remains in place, but are designed to 'snap' if put under any undue strain to avoid damage to the mattress. They can be easily replaced.

Cleaning your mattress
Do not use a vacuum cleaner. Use a soft brush to remove any fluff. In case of spillage, blot the liquid quickly with a dry absorbent cloth.

Moving your mattress
If you are moving house, wrap up the mattress well, give it good support and keep it flat. Never roll or fold your mattress.

Delivery times

 If we don't hold stock of the item you have chosen, please refer to the below for estimated delivery times:


Vispring Products

3 - 5 weeks

Tempur Beds

8 weeks

Tempur Mattresses

4 weeks

Wooden and Metal Bedsteads

18-20 weeks

Upholstered/Painted bedsteads

24 weeks


16-20 weeks

Painted furniture

24 weeks

Bed linen

4-5 weeks