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And So To Bed Greenwich Bedside Chest 1 Drawer

Greenwich Bedside Chest 1 Drawer

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The metal details on the pieces are available in polished nickel; the seamless finish of the design is typical of And So To Bed’s expert craftsmanship. 

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And So To Bed is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new range of furniture inspired by the classic campaign-style furniture. Commonly associated with British Army officers, campaign furniture was typically designed to be packed up and carried whilst out on military campaigns. The Greenwich Cabinet collection includes three distinctive pieces: - The Greenwich Chest of Drawers - Three Drawer Bedside Cabinet - One Drawer Bedside Cabinet Crafted from Cherrywood and available in a classic brown or contemporary grey-stained Cherrywood the Greenwich Cabinet collection is beautiful, sturdy and timeless. The metal details on the pieces are available in brushed brass or polished nickel; the seamless finish of the design is typical of And So To Bed’s expert craftsmanship. The highlight of the collection is The Greenwich Chest of Drawers. The chest of drawers was the most common item of campaign furniture and this modern version stands at 996mm tall with five generous drawers providing a functional storage solution. And So To Bed also offer the option of a plinth or turned feet for the Chest of Drawers and Bed Side Cabinet, staying true to the bespoke element of the brand.




  • Either Cherrywood / Brushed Brass Accents
  • Or Grey-Stained Grey Cherrywood / Polished Nickel Accents


  • Width: 55cm
  • Height: 76cm
  • Depth: 45cm



Your fine wooden furniture is handcrafted from carefully selected timber. Each piece is individual, and over time the surface or colour may change.

Protecting your wooden furniture
Your furniture is protected with four coats of lacquer and a layer of wax. To avoid warping and splitting, keep wooden furniture away from direct heat sources such as radiators. Avoid bleaching by keeping your wooden furniture out of direct sunlight.

Cleaning your wooden furniture
Avoid using silicone waxes, lemon oil and oil-based polishes on your fine wooden furniture. Use a good quality beeswax to protect your wooden furniture, and wax new furniture during the first 30 days. Between waxings, dust wooden furniture with a soft, moist, lint-free cloth.

Moving wooden furniture
Never move a loaded wardrobe. When positioning a wardrobe, ensure it is on a level surface so that the doors will open and close correctly. Never pick up a chest by its top surface. Instead, hold the sides of the chest and lift.

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Greenwich Bedside Chest 1 Drawer
£ 1,325.00 £ 1,060.00