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And So To Bed Floral Caned Chair Antique Pecan

Floral Caned Chair Antique Pecan

From £ 1,190.00 £ 950.00

The elegant Floral chair is crafted from hand-selected beechwood and is delicately hand-painted to match our Floral range of French-inspired furniture. It is available fully caned, fully upholstered or half caned and half-upholstered.

A luxury painted bed and a full range of matching bedroom furniture including bedside units, a chest of drawers, a dressing table and a desk are also available.



Floral Caned Beechwood Chair with French Design
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10 reasons to buy from And So To Bed


  • Luxury painted bedroom chair
  • This chair is available fully caned, fully upholstered or half and half (seat upholstered with caned backrest)
  • Other bedroom furniture in the Floral range includes beds, chests of drawers, a wardrobe, desk, dressing table and bedside chest
  • Imperial dimensions: W 21” x D 23” x H 37”
  • Metric dimensions: W 52 cm x D 58 cm x 94 cm




Hand-painted furniture has an intrinsic beauty of its own and a suite of furniture may comprise several items of varying hue. Once painted, every piece of furniture is then artistically distressed to mimic the wear and tear associated with the passing of time.

Looking after your painted wooden furniture

Textured and brush-applied painted finishes have an eggshell sheen lacquer. You should not use wax on these finishes. Instead, clean with a cloth dampened in mild soapy water. To avoid warping and splitting keep wooden bedroom furniture away from direct heat sources such as radiators. Avoid bleaching by keeping your furniture out of direct sunlight.

Moving wooden furniture

Never move a fully loaded wardrobe. Instead, empty the contents first.When positioning a wardrobe, ensure it is on a level surface so that the doors will open and close correctly. Never pick up a chest by holding on to its top surface. Instead, hold the sides of the chest and lift. Where possible, use two or more people to move heavy items of furniture.

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