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And So To Bed Cavalli Side Table in Ceramic Grey

Cavalli Side Table in Ceramic Grey

From £ 599.00

Bringing a more neutral element into the Furniture Collection. The ceramic grey is a warm and light finish that can be use within many interior settings.



And So To Bed Cavalli Side Table in Ceramic Grey - Bedside Chests and Tables
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10 reasons to buy from And So To Bed


  • 1 drawer side table
  • Ceramic Grey and Antique Brass finish
  • Width 50cm x height 65cm x depth 35cm



Gilded qualities
Each piece of gold or silver leaf is individually applied to our beds by hand. This can create a chequerboard effect as each sheet of gold or silver is approximately 15 – 20cms square. Once finished, the gilding is then expertly distressed to further enhance the aged appearance, thereby giving each piece its own character and charm. However, the gold and silver is inherently delicate and knocks or abrasions may cause small pieces of leaf to flake off.

Cleaning your gilded furniture
To clean your gilded wooden furniture, we recommend that you simply dust it with a clean cloth.

Moving wooden furniture
Never move a fully loaded wardrobe. Instead, empty the contents first. When positioning a wardrobe, ensure it is on a level surface so that the doors will open and close correctly. Never pick up a chest by holding on to its top surface. Instead, hold the sides of the chest and lift. Where possible, use two or more people to move heavy items of furniture.