We love a challenge… making the most of an Art Deco bed

We love a challenge at And So To Bed  in Nottingham and we love beds too, so when one of our existing valued customers got in touch to tell us they’d found an amazing antique Art Deco bed on an auction house website we were intrigued. They asked for our advice and opinion and we were very happy to oblige.

First of all we saw some pictures, emailed over from France, and what a bed! An incredible 1920’s Art Deco design with built in side cabinets, stunningly veneered in walnut over elegant scrolls. We loved it as much as our customers obviously did.

1920's Art Deco Antique Bed

However, looking more closely, we could see some problems.  Those antiquated open coil mesh spring units looked a little too old fashioned and those protruding wires looked very sharp to place a fantastic new Vi-Spring mattress on them. We’d need a closer look!

Close up of wire open coil mesh frame

Luckily here at Nottingham we have a large store room and we agreed that the customer could arrange to have the bed brought from France and delivered to our showroom so we could examine the bed and suggest some ideas for supporting the mattress.

Next problem! The internal measurements for old European bed sizes are 6’3 by 6’3 square, a modern mattress is 6’ by 6’6. Time to call in the customer’s trusted carpenter. So with a full team of customer, carpenter, manager and salesmen we stood around the frame, ‘umming’ and ‘aahing’ over the best solution.

The decision was made to extend the bed by 8 inches and narrow it by 3 inches by repositioning the side rails, all based around the dimensions of one our own sets of And So To Bed slatted bases. It’s a shame to have to mess around with the bed but it made a lot more sense than the previously discussed option of ordering a bespoke sized mattress.

Finally, the customer’s new mattress arrived and the delivery team visited the house to complete our part of the process, a brand new Vi-Spring mattress to be placed on the slats.

Vi-Spring Mattress going onto the base

It’s been a fun little challenge for all of us at And So To Bed in Nottingham, working closely with our customers to make sure we are available to help in any way we can, all part of the service, always with a smile.

And So To Bed
Nottingham Showroom Team


  1. denise taylor says: January 14, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    Hello We are looking for superking art deco bed, preferably with matching bedside cabinets. You have a beautiful one here on your site, however we have light/lamp swiches low down near the bed and the one you have here that I like would cover them, the bedside cabinets are connected to the head board

    would love you to put me on your mailing list

    regards denise taylor

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