Bridgerton Inspired: Bring ‘Regencycore’ Into Your Bedroom

Bridgerton Season 3 Regencycore Beds and Furniture Trend

Bridgerton Season 3: Here’s how to bring the latest ‘Regencycore’ into your bedroom

The time is finally here as Netflix cordially invites us back into the indulgent world of Bridgerton, unveiling season 3. This season will be split into two batches of four episodes, with Part 1 premiering on May 16, and Part 2 arriving a month later on June 13.

As millions of viewers step into this period drama, the plot itself - centred around Penelope and Colin’s blossoming romance - is not the only thing sparking imaginations, with the ton’s fashion and interiors helping to reinvigorate the Regencycore trend once more. 

What is ‘Regencycore’?

A variety of ‘core’ aesthetics have taken off over the past few years - from balletcore to cottagecore - and now, thanks to the popularity of Bridgerton, Regencycore is lifting off again in the interior design world. 

This trend celebrates the Regency period in England, which spanned from 1811 to 1820. It centres around opulence, romance and regality; think silk, gold, florals, embroidery, soft pastels and moody jewel tones. 

Despite Bridgerton first debuting in 2020, this regal trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Over the past 12 months, Google searches for ‘regency interior design’ have jumped by 50% as homeowners become more inspired by the elegance and rich history of the past. 

How can you achieve the Regencycore trend in your bedroom at home? 

Clare Schifano, Global Marketing Director and interiors, luxury bed and mattress expert at And So To Bed, has unpicked this buzzing Bridgerton-inspired trend, helping you, dear reader, add some royal flair to your bedroom in five easy ways:

1. Revamp Your Colour Scheme

Regencycore has two distinct looks: the delicate pastels and floral patterns of the princess-esque take and the dark royal reds, blues and heavier jacquard throws of the more romantic end.

In Bridgerton itself, The Featherington family encompass the pastel side of this spectrum with added vibrance, incorporating lime green, bright orange and canary yellow with soft powder pink and sage greens. Featured here with our Floral Caned Bed.

Floral Caned Bed Bridgerton Regencycore Green

If you’re looking for a moodier feel, you are not alone, as season 3 sees Penelope opting for a more romantic colour scheme, debuting a striking emerald dress. Those looking to incorporate this darker feel can opt for navy blues, damson, rich burgundy and dazzling emeralds. 

Once you’ve selected your favourite hue, you can incorporate it throughout your bedroom in key, focused areas like with bed linen, curtains, rugs, feature walls and ornaments for some Regency glamour. Featured here with our Versailles Leafed Bed.

Versailles Silver Leafed Bed Regencycore Bridgerton

2. Get A Bed Fit For A Royal

The bed is often the biggest - and grandest - bedroom furniture piece and is what the eye instantly sees when it enters the space. With this in mind, the style of your bed is vital in dictating the ‘feel’ of your bedroom.

Regencycore captures the opulence and sophistication of the Regency era, which favoured beds with wooden gilded frames and upholstered headboards. 

For the ultimate luxury, look no further than a four poster bed. This classic frame can upgrade any bedroom, with added gold or silver leaf taking it to the upper echelon of the Ton - certainly giving Lady Whistledown something to talk about. Featured here is our Georgian Leafed Four Poster Bed.

Georgian Silver Leafed Four Poster Bed Regencycore Bridgerton

3: It’s All In The Details

Regencycore may be famed for its overt displays of elegance, but there are more subtle ways to incorporate it into your bedroom too. 

Adding gold to your space through furniture trimmings and detailing is a great way to spruce up your room and tie it together.

Whether that’s on mirrors, lightswitch covers, handles or bedroom lighting, introducing gold - especially against a wood backdrop - will instantly bring that antique feel to your boudoir. Featured here is our Louis XV Dressing Table Mirror.

Louis XV Dressing Table Mirror Regencycore Bridgerton

4. Adorn Your Floor

Rugs are the perfect way to instantly shake up a room and inject some Regencycore without the commitment or expense of re-carpeting the entire space. 

Persian rugs were highly fashionable during the Regency era and are perfect for adding some timeless beauty to a more contemporary space.

As a top tip, try positioning your rug along the side of your bed or running underneath to make it a feature in the room and ‘open up’ the space.

Georgian Leafed Four Poster Bed Regencycore Bridgerton

5. Add a bold feature wall

Minimalism in the home has been trending more recently, with neutral tones and monochromatic interiors, but Regencycore calls for an end to this ‘stripped back’ look and instead, embraces flamboyant colours and eye-catching prints. 

Incorporating botanical and jacquard wallpapers as part of your regency pallet will bring some personality to your room, while also adding a dose of glamour. 

To prevent the space from feeling too closed in, pick a singular ‘feature’ wall in your bedroom (perhaps behind the bed) to hang your statement wallpaper of choice.

Discover all of our Regencycore style luxury beds, classic furniture and gorgeous bed linen to complete the trending look this summer.

Posted by Charlie Vose
15th May 2024

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