King’s Road Photoshoot

What better opportunity to show off some exciting new designs and our sensational new flagship showroom on the King’s Road? Invade it with our crack team of designers and photographers, that’s what!

All of the usual refinements were present during the luxurious And So To Bed shoot; bubble wrap, cold tea, dwindling time and inconvenient traffic. Below is a glimpse at the carefully controlled chaos and some very sneaky peeks at a new design you’ll soon be seeing much more of.


The maestro at work.


The Maud Bedstead in all its Art Deco glory, flanked by the PR team – more coffee!


That’s a light meter disguised as a mobile… really he’s playing Angry Birds.


Shaun’s (product designer) famous “I really do know what I’m talking about” pose.


My word, that’s a sparkly bedstead… what could it be? (shhh!)


Getting a detail shot of the ***** (shhhh!!!)


Could the person with the mobile phone camera get out of the shot please!



... and here it is, in all it's glory.

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