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Vispring Heaven Luxury Mattress Topper
Vispring's Heaven Luxury Mattress Topper adds additional comfort and softness to any bed / mattress combination and is softer and deeper than Vi-Spring's Heaven Mattress Topper. Filled British fleece wool and blended, British wool / cotton, and edged in contrasting ticking.
£ 1,235.00 £ 985.00
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Vispring Heaven Luxury Supreme Mattress Topper
Vispring's Heaven Luxury Supreme Mattress Topper adds the maximum comfort and softness to any bed / mattress combination and is even more luxurious than Vi-Spring's Heaven Luxury Mattress Topper. Filled with British fleece wool, blended British wool / cotton, together with South American Horsetail at its core. Edged in contrasting ticking. A supremely magnificent Mattress Topper!
£ 1,520.00 £ 1,215.00

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Vispring Heaven Mattress Topper
Vispring's Heaven Mattress Topper adds additional comfort and softness to any bed / mattress combination. Filled with British fleece wool and soft-needled British wool.
£ 925.00 £ 740.00
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Vispring Opulence Topper
Vispring's Opulence Mattress Topper adds the ultimate comfort and softness to any bed and mattress combination. Filled with luxurious layers of British wool, silk and blended British wool / cotton. 
£ 1,675.00 £ 1,340.00

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Vispring Pillow Top Mattress Topper
Make your Vispring mattress even more comfortable with the Vispring pillow top mattress topper. This wonderful topper has all the feel of a pillow top mattress thanks to its careful construction and wonderful natural fillings.  Manufactured in Britain, the topper is available in a wide range of mattress sizes from Single to Super King (180 x 200cm - 6ft) and can be used on any Vispring mattress.
£ 925.00 £ 740.00

Mattress Toppers

Black Friday Mattress Toppers

Do mattress toppers make a big difference? 

Absolutely! Mattress toppers can make a significant difference in your overall sleep experience. These thick layers of padding or foam are designed to enhance the comfort and support of your existing mattress. Here's how they can make a big impact:

Mattress toppers also provide:

  • Mattress protection - A mattress topper can help to protect your mattress from wear and tear, dirt, and spills.
  • Pressure relief - Distributing your body weight evenly, reducing pressure on specific areas like shoulders and hips.
  • Temperature regulation - Some toppers are designed with cooling materials to help regulate your body temperature while you sleep, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the night.
  • Affordability - They are typically a more budget-friendly alternative to buying a new mattress, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a peaceful slumber.

Discover a range of discounts on mattress toppers on Black Friday so you can enhance your sleep experience for a peaceful slumber at And So To Bed.

Will a mattress topper make my bed more comfortable? 

A mattress topper adds an additional layer of comfort and support to your existing mattress. They have the added perk of coming in various fillings,  including memory foam, cotton, down, and more. These materials provide additional softness and cushioning, making your bed feel plusher and more comfortable.

What is the best filling for a mattress topper? 

In most cases, goose feathers and down tend to be gentler and more luxurious compared to duck feathers and down. Therefore, a topper filled with goose feathers and down will give you a softer and more comfortable sleeping surface.

On the other hand, if you have allergies or need a topper that's easy to clean at home, synthetic fillings like Microfibre, Polyester, or Fleece might be a better choice. They are hypoallergenic and can be conveniently washed in your own washing machine.