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Vispring Iris Headboard

Vispring Iris Headboard

From £ 1,020.00 £ 815.00

Deeply upholstered arched headboard. The Iris headboard from Vispring is designed to complement their range of luxury mattresses and divan bases. You can choose the colour and fabric type from a range of over 80 different options. 




Vispring Iris Headboard
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10 reasons to buy from And So To Bed


  • Deeply upholstered Vispring Iris luxury headboard
  • Elegant arched shape
  • Range of sizes available
  • Available to purchase online in three colours but are available in over eighty colours and a wide range of fabrics.
  • Other fabrics are available or you may use a material of your own choice - please ask for details.
  • Customers' own fabric must be supplied with the manufacturer's written confirmation of fabric composition and fire retardancy
  • Height 24” or 62cm from the top of the mattress
  • Height 28” or 72cm for beds of 180cm or wider


Please note: Vispring headboards are measured from the top of the headboard to the top of the mattress.

The Vispring Iris headboard comes available in a variety of different fittings:

  • Euro: metal brackets on a divan and headboard
  • Bolt-through: Bolt through floor standing headboard into the divan base
  • Traditional UK-style strutted board

If you have a specific requirement, please contact us prior to placing your order on 0808 141 5838


Care Instructions



As we offer a wide variety of different fabrics for our upholstered headboards, we strongly recommend using a professional cleaning service if you wish to clean an upholstered headboard or remove a stain.


Leather qualities
Real leather is a natural product and genuine hides will show the ‘hallmarks of life’ making each bed unique. Several hides are usually required and water-based vegetable dyes penetrate each hide to a differing degree, so there may be some variation in colour. Colour samples are only a guide. We use a range of leather qualities; softer hides may develop wrinkles and creases during the first weeks of use which is not a cause for concern.


Moving the bed
Do not pull or push your bed from the headboard, as this may cause serious damage. Instead, with one person on either side of the bed, hold the frame or divan at the midway point, and carefully lift or slide the bed into position.

Delivery Times



Vispring Products

3 - 5 weeks

Tempur Beds

8 weeks

Tempur Mattresses

4 weeks

Wooden and Metal Bedsteads

18-20 weeks

Upholstered/Painted bedsteads

24 weeks


16-20 weeks

Painted furniture

24 weeks

Bed linen

4-5 weeks

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Vispring Iris Headboard
£ 1,020.00 £ 815.00