What does your bed say about you?

It’s estimated that we spend up to one third of our day in bed, so it’s no wonder that our beds are believed to be a reflection of us. We all have unique traits – certain quirks that make us who we are. Some people are extravagant and outgoing whilst others are relaxed and reserved. Think you know which you are? Below are six of And So To Bed’s luxurious, handcrafted bedsteads. Without looking at the answers, choose the one that appeals to you most and we’ll tell you what it says about you…


A - The Brodsworth Leafed Bed 


B - The Emilia Ottoman Bed


C - The Hoxton Four Poster Bed


D - The Louis XV Caned Bed


E - The Bonaparte Bed


F - The Coriander Bed


Which bed did you choose?

A - The Brodsworth Leafed Bed

No introduction needed… An extravagant yet sophisticated showstopper which never fails to turn heads. The Brodsworth is charming in every way, oozing elegance with a bold finish. This bed is fit for someone with a keen eye for detail and a desire for the finer things in life…  

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B - The Emilia Ottoman Bed

Beautiful and popular, this bed is perfect for someone who is effortlessly stylish and organised to a tee. The Emilia Ottoman is versatile, minimalist and contemporary, perfect for someone seeking luxury and convenience combined… 

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C - The Hoxton Four Poster Bed

Did you choose the Hoxton? Chances are you’re straight forward and like to keep your space tidy… A highly driven working professional perhaps. The Hoxton is simple yet stunning, with a striking frame and an air of timeless glamour… Sound like you or someone you know? 

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D - The Louis VX Caned Bed

Old school and traditional, this bed is perfect for a dignified, straight talking individual with a fascination for history and art combined with an exceptional eye for period living and classic design trends. The Louis VX Caned Bed features a hand-carved solid timber frame and is finished with elegant rose motifs.

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E - The Bonaparte Bed

Did you choose the Bonaparte Bed? Chances are you’re relaxed and optimistic, often opting for light and bright colours in the home… You like to keep your space tidy and clutter free, too. The Bonaparte, with its smooth curves and delicate upholstered finish is perfect for someone hoping to add some minimalist luxury to their home…

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F - The Coriander Bed

Fun loving, a little quirky and adapts easily… Does this sound like you? If yes, the Coriander Bed is perfect for you! With its cannonball finials and grand expanse of gleaming brass, this impressive bed is the perfect addition to a modern – contemporary home.

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Did you find your dream bed and learn a little something about yourself? 

To find out more and view the entire range of luxury, handcrafted beds, visit www.andsotobed.co.uk


Posted by Iconography Ltd
24th May 2019

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