Why Vispring Mattresses are Made for You

Why Vispring mattresses are made for you

For more than 100 years, Vispring has been offering people the most precious gift of all – the perfect night’s sleep. A Vispring mattress is something a little more than just a guarantee of supreme comfort and an untroubled night’s sleep, it is the bedrock for a full and healthy life.

Each Vispring mattress is made specially to order by hand. Skills passed down from generation to generation means that Vispring has never wavered from their original philosophy of using the best craftsmanship and quality materials to produce the finest beds in the world.

Vispring mattresses are an exclusive combination of spring size, tension and resilience with the finest materials that nature has to offer. Combined with the uniqueness of their craftsmanship and know-how, this results in some of the most luxurious beds on the market.

Spring Production

Vispring invented the pocket spring in 1901 and has unrivalled knowledge and experience that combines to create the perfect bed. They are the only bed manufacturer to produce their own springs from the finest Vandium steel, and they offer a unique choice of 58 distinct spring types and four different spring tensions (soft, medium, firm, and extra firm). Each spring is enclosed in a natural cotton calico pocket to ensure excellent breathability inside the mattress, ensuring a longer life for the spring and the mattress.

With years of knowledge, the Vispring craftsmen hand-nest each pocket spring in a honeycomb pattern that maximises the support offered by each bespoke mattress. Unlike other, cheaper mattresses, the pocketed springs are not glued, instead each one works independently, helping to gently support you from head to toe as you sleep.


Providing perfect edge-to-edge support, and helping to improve the longevity of a mattress, each Vispring product comes with genuine hand side-stitching. This intricate technique takes craftsmen many years to master, as each bed is made with up to six rows of genuine side-stitching, using 100% natural twine and providing thousands of contact points between the mattress border and spring unit. This results in no need for a metal rod edge which reduces spring autonomy and comfort. It takes up to eight hours to hand side-stitch one super king size mattress.

Finest Fillings

Throughout all of their products, Vispring uses only the most luxurious natural fillings sourced from all around the world: silk, cashmere, bamboo, mohair, horsetail, wool and cotton are sourced from the finest businesses in the world. 

Uniquely, they are alone in using the finest quality horsetail from Moosburger – a family run business in Austria – untwisted by hand to preserve the fibre’s natural length and resilience. Adding horsetail to a bed is like giving it millions of extra springs. They are also the only bed manufacturer to use 100% British fleece wool, produced in keeping with age-old traditions. Soft, hypoallergenic, breathable and ten times more absorbent than synthetic materials, it works in harmony with your body to regulate the temperature in your bed.

Interestingly, they also use a third of the wool produced in the Shetland Isles; often regarded as the best in the world, it offers unsurpassed insulating properties and considerable crimp for the springiness.

Combining these quality materials, they use extremely generous quantities to create a natural filling: pure 100% British fleece wool is blended with the finest horsehair, the softest silk, cashmere and mohair to increase support and cushioning. 

The filling is hand-teased by their craftsmen to add resilience and loft, which allows the air to move freely and the mattress to breathe. A typical mattress contains the wool from at least four full fleeces, unequalled amongst all competitors.

Finishing the mattress 

The master craftsmen carefully close the mattress panel and border, ensuring that no raw fabric edges are left. Slender yet surprisingly strong tape-edging provides a beautifully smooth finish.

Carefully judged tuft lengths create a voluptuously contoured surface without comprising comfort. Evenly distributed the tufts hold the fillings in place without the metal rods used in less luxurious beds.

The frame and headboard

Vispring only uses slow grown Scandinavian softwoods and hardwoods to construct its timber frames. No particle board or cheaper woods are used, ensuring quality in every frame. Each joint is also glued and screwed for added strength.

Fully sprung, fully upholstered and with edge to edge support, the Vispring divan partners well with your choice of their handmade mattresses, offering the ultimate in comfort.

If this has piqued your interest, check our Vispring mattresses today!

Posted by Iconography Ltd
25th July 2018

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