Vispring - Naturally Made Mattresses

Vispring – naturally made mattresses

It’s a precious luxury, a good night’s sleep. A fleeting, elusive thing that benefits from being meticulously orchestrated by those truly in the know. At And So To Bed, it’s our belief that the very best in bedstead designs deserve to be teamed with the most admired and well-constructed in mattress making. With so many bedroom brands to select from, we only work with mattress makers steeped in years and years of hard-earned heritage and well-informed, industry respect. In this comforting little journal entry, we ponder the legacy and fresh relevance of Vispring, a truly British heritage brand, and why so many of our customers will sleep on nothing else.

Pocket-sprung mattresses since 1901

In 1899, British-born Engineer James Marshall designed the perfect night’s sleep for his wife and invented the pocketed spring coil. The Marshall Coil was patented in the United Kingdom in 1901, pioneering a new level of even, luxury sleep support with no pressure on the sleeper. This technical leap was combined with kind-to-skin, natural materials that now include British wool, mohair, cashmere, silk, even vicuña. In the 1930’s the Plymouth-based bed business was renamed VI-Spring and generations of highly skilled craftsmen and women have been tailoring these unique mattresses ever since. Recipients have included legendary ocean liners such as the Titanic and Queen Elizabeth II and the world’s most lauded hotels, including London’s Park Lane and Savoy. Now gracing luxury hotels, nationwide in the UK, here’s a hotel locator for places to stay that feature Vispring in their bedrooms.  

The making of a mattress

When you take ownership of a Vispring mattress, the construction is never rushed but painstakingly tended to, in the hands of a variety of specialist technicians at every stage.  

Which mattress?  

Firstly, the choosing. With differing ranges of comfort options – spring tensions, fillings and sizes – a variety of mattresses do need to be tried in person with expert advisors in the wings. Couples’ differing tension needs mean that relevant sleeping sides are individually tailored. All our And So To Bed Showrooms house sleep studios with Vispring mattresses to test and try out and And So To Bed at 591-593, King’s Road, London, is home to one of Vispring’s largest showrooms.

The Vispring Comfort Promise

Comfort and satisfaction is everything. If you decide that, following delivery of your mattress, you have made the wrong choice of mattress spring tension, you may be entitled to a one-time exchange for a mattress of a different tension. See this link for more details. Make sure your mattress is 100% right for you with some expert help. Once your order is placed, an intricate assembly process is set in motion…  

The ingredients  

Skin-kind, natural materials are carefully selected from ethically nurtured sources at the highest levels of sustainability. This includes 100% British fleece wool, breathable, hypoallergenic, absorbent and working in harmony to regulate the sleeper’s body temperature.

Spring assembly  

Vispring springs are made from the finest Vanadium steel, enclosed in a cotton calico pocket and hand-nested in many layers and in their thousands. The pockets aren’t glued together, which means that the springs are free to work individually. There are 58 spring types and four different tensions – soft, medium, firm and extra firm.  

Hand stitching  

Each mattress benefits from genuine hand stitching. This intricate technique takes Vispring craftsmen many years to master, providing edge to edge support with no need for metal rod edge, maintaining optimum individual spring movement. It takes up to eight hours to hand side-stitch one super king size mattress.  

Tape edging  

The fillings are then hand teased in specific combinations, dependent on type and firmness, providing loft and movement of air within the mattress. Then the mattress panel and border are neatly and smoothly closed with colour-matched tape edgings.  

Hand tufting

Lastly the mattress is hand tufted with carefully judged tuft lengths that hold the fillings in place without the need for metal rods, so giving the mattresses their signature voluptuous undulations.

British Style

A British-made Vispring mattress is a precious luxury, supporting an untroubled, peaceful lifestyle. Deeply pleasing design that sits beautifully in today’s eclectic interiors styles goes hand in hand with naturally perfected craftsmanship - a rare thing. In recognition of some of our super British interiors contemporaries, there have also been recent collaborations with renowned fabric houses and designers, including textile designer Kit Miles at And So To Bed.

The finishing touches

Whichever design of And So To Bed bedstead might be chosen – traditional brass and modern metal beds, wooden sleigh beds, upholstered or four postered, Vispring mattresses can be made for any size and shape. The result is a comforting synergy in design and crafting excellence. To top all of this, giving a genuine five-star finish, Vispring can handcraft any size of luxury mattress topper, generously filled with the finest natural fibres. Sleep well!

Posted by Iconography Ltd
19th September 2017

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