Barbara Simons – Spirited Image Photography at And So To Bed

Barbara Simons is a photographer based in Bridport, Dorset. Here she guest blogs for us about her current photography exhibition in the And So To Bed showroom in Pymore, Dorset.

I have been a photographer since I was 15 and was first taught by my father, a keen amateur. I loved art and I found photography was one way of expressing myself. I loved its immediacy. I have a good eye for detail and composition and I often pick out what others never see.

I began to sell my work just a few years ago having been pushed and nudged from all directions and it soon became clear that with my passion for animals, that they would be my favourite subjects. I am inspired by the natural world, but fascinated by animals, their characters and their physicality.

When I produce an image I look for a reaction in myself – something that makes me look again, really see the animal, its beauty, its simplicity, but also its depth.

This current exhibit in the And So To Bed Pymore showroom largely features my main focus – the horse – in all its glory, both close up and in great detail; in action, sharp motion frozen in time, and also abstractly caught in line and blur, giving a true sense of speed and power.  This exhibit features horses of the Camargue, and also spectacular Arabians.

I have known of And So To Bed for many years, but made my recent connection in Pymore when I held my very first Open House exhibit in the village. I took a chance and asked if my visitors might use the And So To Bed parking space and happily they said yes.

Nikki and Alaine got to know my work and this year invited me to hang in three rooms through this July. The showroom is a spectacular place, with stunning beds and layouts, so it was a really exciting opportunity and a chance to set my pictures as they would be in peoples homes.

The work is now in place - 39 images in 3 rooms - it looks excellent and very at home. It was a real challenge choosing images to suit the rooms and hang them appropriately in the context of bedrooms, but with the skill and help of Alaine it has worked incredibly well and the images also complement the other artwork already in place.

The are we choose for our homes is an expression of ourselves, our feelings and our dreams. In this setting, the images are in small collections and colours coordinate, creating a sense of harmony as we would choose to match our interior design.

The art we surround ourselves with can be symbolic, meaningful, evocative exciting or relaxing, soothing and deeply calming. I believe a successful picture brings you right into the moment, calls you in and gives you an experience of enrichment. I also know that everyone is drawn to something different, and finds their own unique meaning in the images they select.  I hope visitors to And So to Bed enjoy my work.

Barbara Simons For more of Barbara's work check out her website:  

Posted by Iconography Ltd
8th July 2012

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