Moving Home Checklist - And So To Bed

The stresses of moving

They say that moving house is in the top 5 of life’s most stressful events and having moved myself over the Easter weekend I must say they would be right. But that’s not to say that it always has to be!Preparation is key when you’re moving home and there are a number of things you can do in the build-up to the big day that will make the task more manageable.

Be Prepared

For a start, embark on a mass clear out – and be ruthless. For example, clearing out the odd cupboard and drawer each weekend leading up to the move will ensure a much smoother transition: you will only move the things you really need, opposed to the assortment of old junk and whatsits that have inevitably found an abode in your abode over the period you have lived there. Furthermore, this will reduce the amount of sorting that needs to be done at the other end and believe me, making everything fit is quite the challenge.

Bigger challenges do however dwell in the type of move you are embarking upon.


When downsizing you need to be practical and find smart storage solutions. Ask yourself what needs to be found easily to hand and what can go into storage? And when it does come to storage solutions make sure that you utilise floor to ceiling space to its best advantage and consider high level shelving over doorways. Ottomans (which can be really chic) and divan drawers for under-bed storage are also really useful.


When upsizing, you have to think more about space and how you’re going to fill it! For a start, will all of your furniture fill up your new home adequately or will your new castle seem bleak and bare? Make sure you ask yourself if you need any additional pieces of furniture. You don’t need to fill all your available space just for the sake of it but it is important that the minimalist look is a choice! Investing in a few key pieces can enhance what you already have and provide the opportunity to indulge yourself... a chaise longue or dressing table are fabulous luxuries if you have the space to accommodate them!

Take your time 

Finally, when it comes to moving home, take your time. Not everything needs to happen at once and it’s important that you consider your furniture purchases – even if it does mean one more week eating dinner off the floor! Try to avoid the urge to rush out and buy all-new accessories as well. A home is a long term investment and much consideration and care is required when decorating it so spend some time familiarising yourself first. Certainly, if you get to know the light and personality of each room you will soon be able to identify what needs to be changed or added.

Then, of course, treat yourself to something as a reward for all your hard work as you promise yourself ‘never again...!’

Posted by Iconography Ltd
12th April 2012

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