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Seasonal Bedding

With spring on the horizon and the weather warming up nicely, it seems fitting to share a few key tips for changing your bedding through the seasons. We all want to be warm and snug when we tuck up at night, but we don’t want to spend the whole night searching for the ever evading cool side of the pillow!

First things first...

So, first things first – bed linen. When it comes to the spring and summer months our bodies need something crisp and light like a cotton percale. Percale is a plain-weave fabric, much crisper than sateen and it allows the body to breathe through the night. In winter you should use sateen cotton, which is silky and warm. The sateen structure is four over and one under, placing most of the threads on the surface, making it extremely soft and luxurious to touch.

Feather & Down for Winter

When it comes to resting your weary head at night, a feather and down pillow with sateen outer is perfect for the winter months. However, when it comes to the summer, changing to a silk filled pillow, again perhaps with a percale outer, will keep you cooler as there is natural ventilation within the silk. Understandably, with winter duvets, you will want something heavier (a good 12-13.5 tog) that keeps the warmth where it should be - in between the sheets.

Light-weight bedding for Spring & Autumn

But, when the temperature rises post-March you will need something thinner with better circulation – something light weight but still naturally filled. At And so to Bed we would always recommend something between 7 to 10.5 tog for spring and autumn. When it actually gets to summer, we’d suggest something between 3 and 4.5 tog. Furthermore, in the peak of summer, replacing duvets with layers will set you up for a cooler night’s sleep: try a flat top sheet with a cotton blanket and a cotton filled quilted mattress protector to allow the body to breath and to absorb any moisture.

Summer covers

Finally, when it comes to summer, think about how you accessorise your bedroom. Soft furnishings should reflect the seasonal changes in the year. You should have cotton blankets and throws out in the summer and cashmere or wool blankets in the winter. You may also consider the use of colours, with brighter or pastel shades as we move into Spring and Summer, with darker or warmer tones for Autumn and Winter.

If anything, you need to do for your bed what you already do for your wardrobe – put away the winter jumpers and bring out the summer shirts.  And don’t forget to put your clocks forward this weekend!

Posted by Iconography Ltd
21st March 2012

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