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J. Marshall No. 1 Mattress Only
This is where sleeping properly starts. Made with 1000 pocketed springs, the J Marshall Mattress No. 1 supports your whole body and responds to every movement. It’s hand-filled with deep layers of wool and cotton to offer total comfort as well as breathability. And we tuft it by hand – keeping fibres in place so they don’t shift over time. No. 1 is finished with a woven layer of Belgian Damask. Known as ticking, it offers a smooth and uninterrupted feel across the whole mattress.
£ 1,050.00 £ 840.00
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J. Marshall No. 2 Mattress Only
No. 2 is made with 1200 pocketed springs for head-to-toe comfort, however you sleep. It’s deep-filled with natural  fibres – pure new wool, sustainable Tencel™, soft bamboo  and fleecy alpaca – which make for an amazingly comfortable sleep. Hand-tufting the filling keeps the mattress feeling  as comfortable year after year. And it’s finished with  Belgian Damask ticking (the silky top layer) for a consistently smooth feel
£ 1,135.00 £ 905.00

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J. Marshall No. 3 Mattress Only
No. 3 introduces Pillowtop. It’s an extra layer of Memory Wool that’s added to the mattress surface for an incredible depth of comfort. Beneath that, No. 3 holds 1400 pocketed springs and is filled with even more natural materials – cotton, wool, soft bamboo, fleecy alpaca and silky pashmina. Elsewhere, the hand-tufted filling keeps the mattress at its best and we add further layers of wool for even more comfort. It’s all finished with Belgian Damask ticking that gives the mattress surface an incredibly silky feel.
£ 1,265.00 £ 1,010.00
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J. Marshall No. 4 Mattress Only
No. 4 is our most responsive mattress. It’s made with  1600 honeycombed pocket springs and 1500 micro springs for the most comfortable night’s sleep. The mattress is hand filled with pure new wool and cotton. Then Pillowtop is added –  an extra layer that sits on the mattress surface for even more enveloping comfort. It’s filled with the finest natural materials – pashmina, soft bamboo, alpaca, cashmere and silk. Underneath that you’ll find further layers of wool that are all hand-tufted to make sure the mattress keeps its shape over time. It’s finished with Belgian Damask ticking to create a feather-soft surface wherever you lie down. The J.Marshall No. 4 Mattress has been recongised as 'Bed of the Year 2019' by the National Bed Federation.  
£ 1,345.00 £ 1,075.00