Four Poster Beds

An And So To Bed wooden four poster bed is the hallmark of a luxury bedroom. Revitalise your sleep experience with the grandeur and opulence of our Georgian and Venetian four poster beds, or the understated, subtle romance of a Ribbons four poster. Each of our frames have been meticulously designed and painstakingly crafted to ensure that each night’s sleep is as indulgent as the last. The timeless elegance of our wooden four poster bed range extends to our magnificent metal four poster beds as well – ideal for those looking to enjoy a modern influence on a traditional, luxury four poster. Pair a designer mattress with one of our four poster bed frames for an effortless uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Browse our stunning range online or visit your nearest showroom to experience the And So To Bed collection.

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Georgian Silver Four Poster Bed 1
Georgian Four Poster Leafed Bed
Georgian Leafed Four Poster Bed

From: £7,400.00

Offer Price: £5,900.00

Available in 2 sizes & 5 colours
Gothic Fourposter
Gothic Four Poster Bed
Dramatic Gothic handcrafted wooden four poster bed

From: £7,975.00

Offer Price: £6,375.00

Available in 3 sizes & 9 colours
Venetian Wood 1
Venetian Four Poster Bed
Luxurious Venetian four poster wooden bed

From: £6,995.00

Offer Price: £5,575.00

Available in 3 sizes & 9 colours
Georgian Four Poster 1
Georgian Four Poster Bed
Luxurious Georgian four poster bed

From: £6,225.00

Offer Price: £4,975.00

Available in 5 sizes & 8 colours
Ribbons Fourposter 1
Ribbons Four Poster Bed
Ribbons Four-poster Bed in Antique Pecan Finish.

From: £6,675.00

Offer Price: £2,336.00

Available in 4 sizes