Your bedroom is so much more than simply a place where you go to sleep. It’s a sanctuary. It’s a place of relaxation. It’s somewhere special.

At And So To Bed, we’ve got some of the finest luxury bedroom furniture available to create a sumptuous, vibrant place to shake off the strains and stresses of the day. You can surround yourself with beautiful chairs and mirrors, keep everything you hold dear to you in practical drawers and chests, and get dressed and undressed in comfort.

We have a wonderful selection of wardrobes, from the elegant Louis XV to the Eclectic petite wardrobe. Whatever your personal style, we should have something to catch your eye, from painted wardrobes to classical and comfortable sofa beds.

You’ll also find lighting options, from the classic Napoleon lamp to the contemporary Saturne made from nickel, as well as floor-length or dressing table sized mirrors to reflect your personality. While if you want to sit in style and comfort in your bedroom, check out our eclectic collection of chairs, stools and chaise longues.

Simple sofa beds, delightful drawers, magnificent mirrors and lovely lamps are just some of the fantastic luxury bedroom furniture on offer. To find out what else is in stock, explore our collection today.